Terms of Service

This social media network is intended to be used for all the same social functions as other popular social media networks. But, with a focus on freedom of expression. There is

  • no censorship,
  • no advertisements,
  • no tracking,
  • no spying, and
  • no artificial intelligence.

We incorporate as much of the social nuances (i.e. GIFs, Emoticons, Photos, Videos, etc.) as we can.

We have also established 50 groups, one for each state of the union, wherein people can become active in the reconstruction of our state governments.

There are also 50 private forums, one for each state, that exists for the purposes of recorded citizens to discuss and conduct the affairs of the states’ assemblies.

One general united States of America group exists, and all are invited and encouraged to join.


By reading, viewing and, otherwise interacting with this website, I agree that I am a living man/woman interacting with other men and women for the purpose of social interaction and sharing viewpoints of any and all kinds, not limited to learning and teaching ways of reconstructing the original American common law government. There is no liability to either party.

As we are living men and women in this agreement, no government can impede the execution of this private contract.