Graphene Oxide – The New World Poison

  • Graphene Oxide – The New World Poison

    Posted by Gary on May 2, 2022 at 4:19 pm

    It appears everywhere, in “vaccines”, in our water supply, and possibly in our food and air!

    Why should we be concerned, and what can we do to eradicate it from our bodies.

    Graphene Oxide is a nanoparticulate that seems to be the latest in a long list of concerning ingredients in the covid (so-called) vaccines – it is also thought to have been present in flu vaccines prior to 2020. (The Graphene Oxide discovery in covid “vaccines”, masks and tests was made by researchers at La Quinta Columna).

    Graphene oxide is known to be highly toxic to human beings, it is alledged to simulate covid symptoms, and it has been suggested that it’s effects can increased with electromagnetic fields and in particular 5G.

    Here is a quick summary of the effects of Graphene Oxide on the body:

    • thrombosis.

    • blood clots.

    • disrupts the immune system.

    • trigger a cytokine storm.

    • toxicity can instigate pneumonia.

    • creates a metallic taste in the mouth.

    • inflammation of the mucous membranes.

    • loss in the sense of taste and smell.

    • magnetism (especially at the injection site.)

    • blocks detoxification in the body by blocking glutathione.

    • may be activated by 5G frequencies.

    • was already included as an adjuvant in the flu shots in 2019.

    • passes thru the blood-brain barrier.

    CDS Neutralises Graphene Oxide and Eradicates Spike Proteins

    I wanted to share this note from Andreas Kalcker who is the Doctor and Scientist who has been using CDS to treat many different dis-eases with much success. CDS has had a 100% success rate in treating “covid” and covid like conditions. Now it seems to be having success with Covid Vaccine issues too.

    Andreas’ note on Covid Vaccines:

    “Lately we have been inundated with bad news about corona virus vaccines. There are many people who are afraid, and not without good reason, because it turns out that all the vaccines from all the manufacturers contain both nano-graphene and magnetite crystals.

    The real reason the pharmaceutical industry is adding nano graphene to vaccines is because it provides a higher transfection factor. One of the substances used in these vaccines is the biomaterial from which diploid cells of aborted fetuses are made.

    It is not only an ethical problem, but also a technical one, because there is not enough raw material to produce millions of vaccines.

    What is the technical solution for this problem?

    They use a transfection agent and that is nano-graphene, mostly combined with magnetite crystals because then they can increase the infection rate with little biomaterial, by thousands of times and that means many billions of euros / dollars, because this is first and foremost business and absolute power.

    Graphene interferes directly in the biophysical balance of the body, and so the body becomes more susceptible, accumulates huge amounts of ferritin, and at the same time also reinforces the famous magnetic effect on the arm of the inoculated, because the ferritin, instead of being formed by up to 4500 iron atoms, immediately, thanks to the presence of graphene, happens to contain millions of iron atoms per molecule.

    What most people and many scientists do not understand is that it is not so much the graphene, but the spike proteins, because graphene is a multiplication factor.

    Without viruses, graphene is relatively harmless in this small amount (it’s the amount that makes the poison!) because the body, due to its size, over time can excrete it as anything that is not its own or behaves as a noxa in the body.

    The spike proteins are the real enemy, because they cause lack of concentration, fatigue, blood clotting and even death, after a while.

    CDS confirmed to be effective

    According to proven cases and corroborated by our COMUSAV doctors, it can even be confirmed that in corona virus vaccinated patients, CDS is absolutely effective.

    Vaccinated patients should follow protocol-C for at least 21 days, as well as protocol-K at the place of the injection. It has been found that patients who were previously magnetic recovered, that symptoms disappeared, and that they no longer had an abnormal magnetic field.

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