The Terrorism and Treason of Cops

by: Ed Lewis <>

Until this writer began learning the liberty established by our founders, and such matters as what constitutes a crime, along with the only purposes of government and who or what it governs, he had respect for what he believed were peace officers . He now knows these agents of, by, and for the government are law enforcers, de facto government creations that commit treason against the united States of America and its people daily, if not by the minute.

This comment by a Miami cop exemplifies the utter ignorance of these people who no longer serve the people but serve the State and their own self-serving interests.

“They were given a lawful order to disperse. They were given time to disperse,” said Police Sgt. Dennis Morales. Reported by Reuters, Friday, November 21, 2003.

This person hasn’t a clue to what is lawful or legal or the meaning of the unanimous Declaration of Independence, God’s laws and Natural Law our country is based on, or the Constitution for the united States of America.

He further is ignorant of who or what de facto laws apply to. The ignorance is so prevailing that the job he does is the exact opposite of the Constitution for the united States of America, God’s Law, and the sovereignty of the People established by The unanimous Declaration of Independence.

This once great land, in which liberty prevailed and officials did their duty to uphold the Rights of the people, has been reduced to a police state in which tyranny and terrorism prevail, led by such ignorance as demonstrated by Morales and other cops on the Miami Police force.

The Constitution for the united States of America has been reduced to nothing more than toilet wipe by such law enforcers all over this union of states.

If the exercise of a constitutional right can become the cause for imprisonment, the constitution has been nullified and there is no security from omnipotent government; the constitution has become a worthless scrap of paper. Marchetti v US, 390 US 39, 57 (1968).

Rights mean nothing to these enforcers of government rules only arrest records and the perks gained from such arrests whether directly in their lust for power or indirectly in the form of financial gain, such as in their retirements, or direct immediate sharing in proceeds from fines mean anything to these terrorists that operate with the sanction of treasonous government entities.

They are ignorant people that have been indoctrinated to a system mirrored by Gestapo Germany, Stalin’s Russia, and Red China. They do not serve the people but instead serve their masters in government that haven’t any intent whatsoever of securing the Rights of the People.

Perhaps this might seem harsh but the fact is it is not harsh enough. It could be added that these people who might think of themselves as Americans are anything but American.

Oh, sure, they might have been born within one of the many States of America but they are no more American than Hitler was, that is, unless we now consider Hitler as having the same qualities Americans supposedly value. To the writers’ knowledge this hasn’t happened.

Or, is it that the writer misunderstands the ‘freedom‘ so treasured by the American people? What is liberty in other words?

Although it has been said many times in many ways, liberty is purely the freedom to make decisions for one’s self, and to behave in any manner that does not infringe upon the Rights of other people or damage their property.

There isn’t anything complicated about it, nor anything that a judge or justice can decide on as such is above and beyond the little authority given them by the Constitution for the united States of America and God’s Laws, most simply stated by the Ten Commandments, and secured by the Bill of Rights taken from the Magna Charta.

If one man or woman has not damaged another man or woman or their property, there is no crime that can be committed. A crime must have a victim. Lacking a bona fide victim, the American is merely exercising his Rights.

A State, the government whether federal or of a state, has no rights to violate. It is a fiction established by flesh and blood people.

Flesh and blood people, in contrast, are living souls created by God, the Supreme Being, that is, regardless of what He is called that can determine for themselves right and wrong.

The system established by our founders then provides redress for any victims created by any man or woman infringing upon the rights of another by damaging them or their property.

Thus, it has been said by hundreds of Supreme Court decisions that man himself is above the laws of men, that man-made, de facto laws are created to control government entities and their creations, such as ‘corporations‘. These creations have ‘privileges‘, not rights, as they are not human or created by the Supreme Being. Lacking a soul they must be controlled.

The controls over privileges are statutes written by men. These ‘laws‘ apply only to artificial entities known as ‘artificial persons‘ in law but do not apply to living souls, as they are natural persons with Natural rights endowed to them by our Creator and directed/guided by His laws.

With these principles in mind, let’s get to the nitty gritty of the ‘good’ sergeant’s statements and his ignorance that should label him as a ‘domestic terrorist’ and an enemy of the people’ the state (See below definition).

To understand fully the import of the cops’ actions at demonstrations, and other unlawful activities, including stops and the issuance of citations and the like, we must also understand ‘terrorism’. It is NOT just acts of bombing and mayhem but includes other less destructive means of ‘terrorizing’ thereby forcing compliance to government’s rules and regulations.

Title 18, Section 3077 tells us that an ”act of terrorism’ means an act of domestic or international terrorism as defined in section 2331 .

Title 18, Section 2331(5)(A) defines ‘domestic terrorism’ as ‘activities’ that involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;’ AND (B)(i) that ‘appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population.

The FBI defines terrorism as, ‘Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.’

Now, let’s analyze the actions of demonstrators and of the cops that attacked them.

First ‘and of primary importance’ is the fact that all Americans have the Right to assemble and meet with any other people they want. As long as there is no damage done to another man or woman or their property, there can be no crime, nor any order that can be given by any government official. This is America, not Gestapo Germany.

Due process requires the movant initiate a cause of action by a complaint, information, or indictment that establishes a legally mandatory rebuttable presumption—a prima facie case. Criminal process must allege every essential element of the offense. Hagner v US, 285 US 427; Hamling v US, 418 US 87

Furthermore, any time any act violates the principles of justice this union of states was founded on, due process has been violated thereby violating the Constitution and Natural Law.

Due process is violated if a practice or rule offends some principle of justice so rooted in the traditions and conscience of our people as to be ranked as fundamental. Snyder v Massachusetts, 291 US 97, 105 (1934).

“that which violates the spirit of the constitution is as much unconstitutional as one that violates its letter.” Sinking Fund Cases, 99 US 700 dis op.

We must understand that an act by an American man or woman that is deemed a crime and defined as such must have a victim, plus there must be the intent to damage or harm. Lacking either, the act cannot be defined as a crime’.

“Where the record is wholly void of any necessary element of a crime, the case is constitutionally infirm.” Thompson v Louisville, 362 US 199.

  • Did any American in Miami claim to be damaged in his person or property, with a subsequent complaint (an Affidavit of Truth) presented to a Grand Jury by an allegedly damaged human being that a demonstrator intended damage or harm?
  • Did the Grand Jury, based on the complaint, then issue an indictment based on ‘probable cause’ that said American did damage the complainant’s person or property?

NO! No such indictment exists because no other man or woman or their property was damaged by the demonstrators, either the original protestors against the Free Trade Area of the Americas or the demonstrators against the arrests of the original protestors.

In the final analysis, the very basis of liberty says that we may do as we wish as long as we do not harm another or their property. The First Amendment then secures the right to peacefully assemble to express our beliefs or for any other reason.

Therefore, officials in government, whether Federal, State, or political subdivision of, must understand and obey that Government and its unlawful enforcers do not have any authority to infringe upon this right.

It is patently unconstitutional for human rights to be violated by any offices. They must understand and adhere to the fact that officials may not make rules intended and enforced upon our People as living souls are above and beyond the written laws ([which are] actually only rules governing the government and its creations) of men.

“Acquiescence in loss of fundamental rights will not be presumed. Johnson v Zerbst, 304 US 458, 464 (1938); Brookhart v Janis, 384 US 1, 4 (1966); Ohio Bell v. Public Utilities Commission, 301 U.S. 292 (1936).

“The mere chilling of a constitutional right by a penalty on its exercise is patently unconstitutional.” Shapiro v Thompson, 394 US 618 (1969).

But you say that the streets may be blocked! Well, Folks, the streets and all travel roadways are public property; they do not belong to the corporate City Government, the Corporate County Government, the Corporate State Government, or the Corporate Federal Government. They, as with all property within the states, belong to the People. Government may regulate such but not to the extent of violating fundamental rights of the People.

Without a complaint signed by a ‘natural person’, an American Citizen, and an indictment issued by a Grand Jury, no government agent may proceed.

So, if some man or woman claims they were damaged in some way by the street being blocked by protestors, fine. Let them file a complaint or suit and a jury of peers will decide whether indeed probable cause exists in the case of a ‘crime’ against the complainant. Let a jury of American and impartial peers determine whether demonstrators damaged the alleged ‘victim’, or, in a suit, decide that redress is due.

As far as the State or City or County Government entities are concerned, none have any rights as they are fictions under control of the people, and therefore no protestor can conceivably infringe upon non-existent rights resulting in any arrest or detainment or threats against the protestors for exercising their rights.

As for the feds, it has in fact no jurisdiction within the 50 states, so any actions and rules by it must be ignored or one is disobeying the supreme Law of the Land and the principles of justice this union was founded on.

Cops using or threatening to use any force, or issuing any command while confronting the demonstrators, are acting with the intention to coerce the demonstrators to stop exercising their God-given and constitutionally secured Rights to voice their opinions and to assemble peacefully.

Because arms are used, whether with the intent to use lethally or not, the arms coerce people into surrendering their Rights to the thugs confronting them.

And, Folks, they are thugs hired by the government and trained by the government with one intent in mind regardless of the propaganda spoken and printed by enforcers. The intent is to enforce de facto laws that do not apply to living human beings who are free to exercise their Rights. Such creates revenue through unlawful licensing, other fees, and through fines, plus they create fear in the people, fear used to coerce compliance.

Thus, those arrested in Miami (and elsewhere) suffered terrorism. They also suffered ‘assault and battery’, and were placed in potentially life-threatening situations by armed enforcers that haven’t a clue as to their actual and real duty to the People who pay their salaries.

Furthermore, those hauled off to jail were kidnapped.

This isn’t all. The cops involved and the officials that ordered such actions also violated the very principles this union of states was founded on. Thus, they violated most of Title 18 and their own State statutes. Title 18 violations include violations of Sections 2, 4, 1951, 1961 et seq., 1981 et seq., and Section 1509 to name a few.

As far as Florida State statutes go, no State can make the exercising of any right a crime nor can any State make any rule to govern the People who created the Corporate State Government. It is not the writer that says this but dozens of Supreme Court decisions numbering now into the many hundreds.

Although there are hundreds of such rulings, several of which have been cited by the writer in the past, the writer endeavors to add to one’s repertoire of cites. Thus, here are three more declaring and dictating unconstitutionality of any rule that impinges upon fundamental rights.

“A law that “impinges upon a fundamental right explicitly or implicitly secured by the constitution is presumptively unconstitutional.” Mobile v Bolden, 446 US 55, 76 (1980); Harris v McRae, 448 US 297, 312 (1980).


“(A) legislative act contrary to the Constitution is not law.” Carter v Carter Coal Co., 298 US 238 (1936).

We the People simply are not subject to being ‘ruled‘ by other men. This is the very essence of liberty and freedom; that ‘free‘ people are not under government control.

We are ‘ruled‘ by our own consciences, knowing the difference between right and wrong, moral and immoral, integrity and lying, along with holding respect for all other people’s Rights and property.

We must understand that the sergeant saying he and other cops gave ‘lawful‘ orders is a crock of doo-doo (See among others, Carter, above). He can give no order to an American, as he is under the jurisdiction of every American in good standing, not vice versa. After all, who does he think he is: God?

The victims ‘the demonstrators’ in Florida and all across this land that are attacked, with ‘attacked‘ meaning any unlawful acts against the Rights of the individual man or woman, by enforcers of State-created rules are criminal acts and must be treated as such.

Any judge or any other official supporting such acts are also committing ‘crimes‘ against the people as such infringes upon the Rights of the individual man or woman.

Although it seems as if most Americans have forgotten or never known this, first and foremost, every official, whether elected or hired by the officials, have taken or are supposed to subscribe to a sacred Oath that they will uphold and support the Constitution for the united States of America.

They have no other real duty or authority other than assuring that no man or woman’s rights are violated, and maintaining public property, while protecting the People and their property from abuse by corporations and other creations of the government.

In the case of cops, they are supposed to be ‘peace‘ officers, not enforcers of corporate rules and regulations written by men to control artificial entities and then forced upon the people.

Thus, we must conclude that law enforcers are ignorant. As they wallow in ignorance, they become by definition terrorists and also become traitors committing treason daily.

Or, they do so willingly for their own gain and/or to fill their lust for power.

Either way, they are enemies of the state, with ‘state’ defined as, “a self-sufficient body of persons united together in one community for the defense of their rights, and to do right and justice to foreigners. In this sense, the state means the whole people united into one body politic; (q. v.) and the state, and the people of the state, are equivalent expressions. 1 Pet. Cond. Rep. 37 to 39; 3 Dall. 93; 2 Dall. 425; 2 Wilson’s Lect. 120; Dane’s Appx. ’50, p. 63 1 Story, Const. ‘361.   Bouvier s Law Dictionary of 1856.

The American Heritage Dictionary (4th Edition, 2000) defines ‘state’ in part as “The supreme public power within a sovereign political entity.”

We the People are the sovereignty of the united States of America. The sovereignty is not subject to rules made by its creations, any more than any one of us individually or as an assembly can be ruled over by the rules of any corporation unless we voluntarily and with full knowledge agree to be subject to its rules. “Waivers of constitutional rights not only must be voluntary but must be knowing, intelligent acts done with sufficient awareness of the relevant circumstances and likely consequences.” Brady v US, 397 US 742, 748 (1970). (My italics)

So, get this and get it straight, People. Cops are supposed to be friends of ours protecting our Rights. They do not have any authority whatsoever to infringe upon any Right of the People. Without an indictment by a Grand Jury that one has damaged another in a criminal fashion there can be no arrest, detainment, or stopping of the American People.

In Smith v US, 360 US 1, it is further held that the constitutional right to an indictment, as restated in Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 7(a), could not be waived by the defendant and that a proceeding in violation of this constitutional requirement negated the jurisdiction of the court.

If jurisdiction of the court is negated, the jurisdiction of the cop issuing a statement based on false and/or unconstitutional information is also negated as fraud vitiates everything. Vitiate: “To make ineffective; invalidate. See synonyms at corrupt.” The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition, 2000.

We must also realize, and this may be a hard concept to grasp, that even with an indictment in hand, the cop does not have authority over any man or woman, only the indictment does. The cop merely serves out the indictment, and may make an arrest leading to incarceration only if it is a violent crime, as there is no need to incarcerate non- violent people. The goal is to provide redress to the victim, not increase the coffers of the State.

Thus, cops, with every negative connotation possible, are acting as armed and dangerous Gestapo-like thugs, not peace officers. With every stop of Americans in their private activities that do not damage others or their property, they act criminally against the Rights of the People.

Therefore, we must also conclude that every arrest made or citation lacking a bona fide indictment by a Grand Jury is in violation of the Bill of Rights and the principles this union of states was founded on.

Such are therefore acts of terrorism meant to coerce the American People into compliance to unconstitutional rules when applied to the American People as such rules are, once again, lawfully applied only to artificial persons.

Therefore, each enforcer should be treated as the criminals and traitors they are, and not coddled by the governments that are likewise acting criminally and as traitors to the American People, nor should such unlawful and illegal actions be accepted by the People paying their salaries.

We are not a stinking democracy in which the Rights of the one may be voted away by the many or the few. We each born in one of the states are guaranteed a ‘Republican’ form of government in which the Rights of the one are held sacred far and above the will of the many.

We each are living souls guided by our consciences and when not guided properly, then lawful recourse is provided for. Such recourse exists only for living souls, not corporations and any decision to the contrary by justices or judges, or law enforcers, and other government entities is anti-American, anti-God, and darn sure not the American Way. In fact, judges may not even determine law in fact and substance, only juries can!

Thus, it is abundantly clear that cops must be returned to the status as ‘peace officers‘ and every vestige of being ‘law enforcers‘, except in regards to enforcing rules made to regulate artificial persons, such as officials and the corporations they create, removed from them.

With this in mind, the only time peace officers should be armed when confronting an American Citizen is when there is probable cause that the American has committed a violent act against another. Peace officers are in most cases dealing with peaceful law-abiding people and are NOT confronting dangerous people, although they may falsely state they believed they were after shootings and/or beatings of innocent people.

That they confront us unlawfully (meaning against the Constitution and God’s Laws or Natural Law) must not be tolerated any longer. We must be free to tell them the law on the spot without worry of being treated like some crazed animal and henceforth shackled, beaten, shot and/or killed.

The writer finds it extremely distressing that many people feel the necessity to warn other people about how to act when stopped by a cop. What we need instead is to educate, forcibly, if necessary, cops and how they must behave, not how we must respond to unlawful stops, citations, arrests, and incarcerations.

Since we have provisions for controlling peace officers, both constitutionally and in statutes meant to regulate them, we must enforce that any cop disrupting a peaceful demonstration, along with those ordering them to do so, should be immediately tried for treason and domestic terrorism. All agents of the State that were involved directly or indirectly should also be included in prosecutions for multiple criminal violations.

This, Folks, is still America although the governments we created and are now unlawfully subjected to do not realize it. We each are still human beings, that is, living souls of our Creator. That this is ignored is our fault for not forcing government ‘artificial persons’ to remain within the limitations of God’s Laws (Natural Law) and the confines of the Constitution for the united States of America (what is lawful), and the recognition and upholding of the fact that the People are the Sovereignty in this union of independent and sovereign republics known as states.

People, if we do not heed our sovereignty and protect our selves with the safeguards of the Constitution immediately, with no further delay, the people that have been given the sacred duty of protecting our rights and upholding the Constitution, and therefore our Creator’s Natural Law, are going to begin running even more rampant than ever under the current US Government Corporation, the Bush Regime of nothing but, evil doers,, including Congress, and the extreme corruption of State and local governments.

This treasonous bunch has effectively removed ALL safeguards while the most of us remain asleep or essentially drugged into complacency and compliance through multiple means of coercion and terrorism. Their indoctrination centers and sources, public education and mass media sources, have assured most remain ignorant and fear controls those who do not remain ignorant.

The cops in Miami are not peace officers, nor are they servants of the People. Their actions prove this beyond all doubt. They are enemies of the People and hence, of the state. They are nothing more than thugs for the Corporate State enforcing its rules by using every coercive and terrorist means of forcing compliance to said corporate rules by the People.

And, to put it bluntly, this sucks, just as all cops all across the many states have the same ignorance and allegiance to the corporate State as those in Miami have, suck.

Wake up, America, before it is too late, or remain asleep and continue to be plundered by these thieves and traitors to Natural Law and the supreme Law of the Land. Remain asleep or allow our union to remain as communistic as it currently is after decades of unconstitutional dictates with the Rights of the People as oppressed as the Rights of people of any dictatorship or monarchy have been.

The alternative to servitude and bondage to the State is to rise to the occasion and force officials into compliance with Natural Law and to protect our Rights secured by the Constitution for the united States of America.

Government must not be allowed to exceed these limitations any longer or liberty is lost unless an extremely bloody war against domestic terrorism and invasion by the US Government is fought on our own ground.

Thus, we owe it not only to ourselves but also to future generations that the truth is exposed and all officials, including, law enforcers, are forced into compliance to our Rights and the Constitution for the united States of America. This must be done regardless of how many are tried and hung publicly for treason and complicity in terrorism.

Otherwise, we will indeed become a democracy or dictatorship or oligarchy in which the Rights of the individual man or woman become extinct. Our government and our country, the union of republics (countries) known as the united States of America, will have been overthrown by the very people given the task of assuring this does not happen, your elected/appointed officials in government and those they hire to protect our Rights.

Peace officers‘ after a thorough house cleaning would understand the need to preserve our Rights as defined by our Creator and secured by the limitations placed on government. These are concepts that artificially created entities known as cops and “law enforcers” will never understand and will therefore always be traitors committing treason and multiple other crimes against the People.

It is, Folks, in the final analysis, up to us, as those in government have tasted the gravy of the gravy train they have created for themselves and they are NOT going to provide any help as none, or very, very few, have any integrity, let alone enough to learn and then preserve and protect our Rights.

The case in Miami could result in effectively being the starting point with every law enforcer fired and tried for crimes against the People, and those ordering them to infringe upon the Rights of our People arrested, tried, convicted, and punished for treason and terrorism.

Remember, too, that cops and others in their official identities are not human beings with rights. In other words, the Rights we as living souls have do not apply to officials in their official capacities, as every government position is officially a fiction created by man, or an ‘artificial person’. (Note: Officials only have inherent human Rights in their private capacities.)

This union then would begin its travels back to being the America established over 227 years ago by people who understood liberty and the Rights of living souls.

Long live this America established by those brave souls known as our  founders  and  forefathers , but damn to Hell the America created by the greedy, the corrupt, the ignorant, and the complacent.

And, thus, the writer ends this dissertation with this 1904 cite that all law enforcers and other officials should read and heed if they wish to avoid being terrorists and treasonous scum bag ‘enemies of the state’.

“According to settled principles, the police power of a state must be held to embrace, at least, such reasonable regulations established directly by legislative enactment as will protect the public health and the public safety—– The mode or manner in which those results are to be accomplished is within discretion of the state, subject of course, as far as Federal power is concerned, only to the condition that no rule prescribed by a state, nor any rule adopted by any local governmental agency acting under the sanction of state legislation, shall contravene the Constitution of the United States nor infringe any right granted or secured by that instrument. A local enactment or regulation, even if based on the acknowledged police powers of a state, must always yield in case of conflict with the exercise by the general government of any power it possesses under the Constitution, or with any right which that instrument gives or secures.” Jacobson v. Massachusetts , 197 US 11 (1904)

Special note to officials in Florida and all over this land:

Article VI of the Constitution for the united States of America demands that officials uphold the Constitution and thereby secure the Rights of the People. It is therefore your sacred duty to prosecute and convict the cops and officials who infringed upon the Rights of the demonstrators in Miami, with the added requirement that any decision made by the Supreme Court must be adhered to until and unless it is overturned. You have your duty outlined specifically. Perform it or be classed as a ‘domestic terrorist’ and ‘traitor’ to America, as you have committed both misprision of felony and misprision of treason.

Quit giving the American people the crap about ‘doing your job’ as an excuse for committing crimes against the People or that some ‘understood contract’ binds the People to State statutes. The People are NOT corporate government creations and you and your rules have no ‘in personam’ jurisdiction over people in their private capacities.

That is the LAW of the Land and you must adhere to it. Otherwise, you are additionally guilty of misprision of felony and misprision of treason, and a conspirator with those who committed the criminal acts against the demonstrators.

And don’t bring up the treasonous (anti) Patriot acts. Acts of Congress do not apply within the 50 states per the Constitution for the united States of America with hundreds of cites that legislative acts may not infringe upon the Rights of the American people supporting this as fact.

In other words, become ‘righteous’ – – – an American in fact.

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