Do you want the red pill? or the blue pill?

For some of us, the choice is quite obvious. But, unfortunately, there are many that are just too uneasy or afraid. They can’t look at the facts because they feel powerless to make a change. There are so many social network alternatives, that allow people that are awake to carry on a tirade. But, there are none that are focused on reconstructing our freedom. Reconstructing a valid government of the people, for the people… and most important and necessary by the people. It just doesn’t happen unless we are taking an active role in our government.

Enter, FreeState. Freestate is a social network in every sense of the word. But, it is also a tool for the grassroots effort to restore the republic. To reconstruct the legitimate government of the people, that disintegrated at the onset of the civil war. And, was never put back in place.

Well, the time is now. Join our platform, share with everyone, and get involved in the many state forums that are 100% geared towards reconstructing the legitimate government.

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Welcome to freeState

  It goes without saying that we cannot rely on corporations to provide us with a social network where free speech prevails. This platform has…


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