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It goes without saying that we cannot rely on corporations to provide us with a social network where free speech prevails. This platform has been created to be a platform that promotes freedom in every way, shape and form.

It has been established out of necessity, as the state assemblies of 50 states are reconvening after more than 150 years of absence. The actual governments of the united States of America never reconstructed at the end of the Civil War.

There are more and more people waking up to the reality of how our freedoms were usurped ages ago, and that even our parents and grandparents did not actually know what actual freedom is.

Before the civil war there were no

  • taxes
  • registrations
  • licenses
  • certificate

All of these things were constructs of corporations that were created to replace our actual state republics. We, the people (our ancestors) didn’t realize that those corporations were not the government. They did not realize that it was their task to reconstruct the assemblies. And every generation that followed knew no better, either. It was a deception from the start.

It is essential to have unencumbered platforms on a state and national level for communication of all these people waking up to the truth.

There needs to be a place for those that are awake to educate those that are just learning about this.

is a social network just like any other. With the exception that here privacy prevails. There is no tracking, no censoring, no cancelling.

It also has groups to join for all 50 states, wherein any and all people can go to learn and discuss the efforts we are undertaking to bring back the freedom that the people of our original republics enjoyed.

There are 50 private forums that exist for the discussion and work of the actual state assemblies. Moderators of these forums will be members of the states’ assemblies, and they will only allow people who have already corrected their status (in other words, declared and recorded themselves to be an American state national/citizen).

It is your job, as an American, to do all that you can to inhibit and destroy the current effort to create a totalitarian world government. It starts here at home… literally, with you… one of “the people“.

So, share this social network with everyone that you come in contact with, in every aspect of your life. Without freedom, nothing else will matter. Do everything you can to support this cause, and this social network. This network runs solely on user support so your donations are not only welcome, but critical to the success of this mission.

Thanks, so much, for your support in every way.

Love & Light, and God save the republic.


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